Credit Card Processing 101

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Credit Card Processing 101 What is CVV/ CVV2/ CVC?   CVV is a card verification system that verifies that a cardholder is in possession of a credit card by verifying a set of numbers that is embossed on the credit card and not encoded in the magnetic strip. This way even if the card number [...]

Verifone Home

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Verifone Support Frequently Used SOPs Complete a sale Complete a refund Complete a void Settle a batch Change Vx520 Paper "Must Settle TSYS" QD & RB Error Change Settlement Report Change auto close time Add a 9 to dial out Connect Using a Static IP Disable backup communication Lower [...]

Ingenico Home

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Ingenico Support Frequently Used SOPs Complete a Sale Complete a return Complete a reversal Settle the Batch Delete a transaction QD/RB Errors & settlement failures Adding an Access Code Lower the Baud Rate Change Communication Type Ping a Network Change IP connect Time Out Authenticate Process Communication Error (CE)(Dial) [...]

Settlement Errors Verifone

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When a settlement report has failed it will appear as a bunch of random numbers on the terminal. Those random numbers are not so random. The first two letters will either be “RB” or “QD” that is the first questions you must ask RB Errors “RB” is a reject batch error code that is received [...]

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