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APS is proud to be the only endorsed credit card processor for Magnuson Hotels

Endorsement Has Perks

Free PCI-DSS Compliance
All PCI-DSS compliance standards will be handled directly, and there are no charges.

Guaranteed Rates
The rates offered by this program will be guaranteed to never rise as long as you are part of Magnuson Hotels.

Next Day Funding
All funds batched by 9:00PM EST will be deposited into your account by 9:00AM EST the following morning.

15 Minute Merchant Numbers
When time is of the essence, we can issue you a merchant number in as little as 15 minutes.

Universal HMS/PMS/POS Integration
We can integrate with most major HMS/PMS/POS software.  There is no need to change the way you conduct business.

Free Online Reporting
All hoteliers will get access to eConnections, an online reporting tool to look at daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports.

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